This collection harks back to ancient times when love and beauty were a source of inspiration for artists: the anima to their animus, the yin to their yang, a journey back in time in search of a muse able to inspire a masterpiece.

The lofty origins of this personification can be found in Ancient Greece, the birthplace of the muse, and today are the creative inspiration for the Stroili designers who have infused the collection with a certain “je ne sais quoi”, blending lacework with sparkling diamond-studded threads crafted with exquisite workmanship to give the jewellery a distinctive look with its dazzling mesh-like motifs.

This is the Stroili Muse Collection. And the muse in this instance is the iconic Silver Lace collection which was first launched in 2011 and featured metal crafted into a dainty, elegant lace effect. This style heritage runs through Stroili’s DNA and comes to the fore once again with this collection whose inspiration is exotic and reminiscent of the opulent jewellery worn by goddesses in times gone by.
The jewels are like treasure and their compliant charm is transformed into arabesques, lace and shimmering embroidery for jewellery whose lightness, flowing texture, ethereal wefts and twisting turning lines are like sculptures to wear.
The decorations turn each jewel into a stylish fashion accessory which conveys gentle, sensual femininity thanks to the overlapping, two-dimensional effects, giving whoever wears them a muse-like allure. This lace collection has a dual personality: one side is linear with inlay work interspersed with different-sized repeated flowers in yellow gilded metal, while the other is an intertwining bouquet of floral and spiral details in pink gold finished metal.
Maxi cuffs, which look sexy worn anywhere on the arm - on the wrist, forearm or higher up - alternate with glittering bangles whose feminine appeal is more subtle, and slender bracelets embellished with dainty concentric geometrical details. The necklaces are extremely stylish: one or more chains drape themselves elegantly around your neck, catching the light. The earrings and rings are a great surprise, artistic interpretations of patchwork mosaics with sophisticated, allegorical embroideries for a look with quintessential elegance.
The attention to detail and precision of the Stroili artisans reveal the poetic, romantic and sensual soul of the metal, presenting it in infinite shades of gold and experimenting with numerous different shapes and volumes.