A collection overflowing with romance and charm.

A quintessentially dainty collection with pretty restyled hearts, butterflies and daisies, universal symbols of spring and love, for jewellery with romantic, charming appeal.

The creations of the new spring/summer 2017 Jolie collection take their inspiration from a magical dream of love and harmony. The essential design is paired with exclusive working processes, a mainstay of the Italian brand, but here everything is light and delicate: the standout features are the simplicity of the lines and the pureness of the materials, creating costume jewellery with understated elegance.

The butterflies and hearts are crafted from two elements that are joined together: one is smooth and the other decorated with a lace pattern to create a special three-dimensional effect. The daisy is produced in a number of different sizes, generating perspective and depth.

The necklaces, bracelets and earrings are as light as a summer fairytale and sparkle with glittery enamel, catering to the many sides of a woman’s soul. The rose gold colour – gilded metal – chosen for the heart and butterfly, teams up with a two-tone rhodium finish in the daisy to produce new, highly feminine jewellery whose features are dainty yet contemporary.