The sun is hidden by the earth, creating a shining outline around it

This is a solar eclipse, a phenomenon that has fascinated man since time immemorial, just one of the magical moments given to us by the heavens and life.
And now you can wear this magic, thanks to Stroili and the new Eclipse jewellery collection for spring/summer 2017.
Eclipse is the perfect gift to seal a bond or celebrate a special moment, offering an elegant interpretation of the connection between the ephemeral and the eternal. Rounded circles crafted out of diamond-studded wires and shiny metal sheet abound, creating light effects and proposing repeated elements.

The refined design of this special collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets is characterised by soft shapes, the sophisticated alternating of solids and voids, surfaces and surroundings and two-tone metallic colours, but it still remains faithful to the brand’s essential lines which make every Stroili jewel a talisman you can wear day after day. The style is minimal chic, one of the trademark features of the Italian brand: with its embracing shapes and its one-of-a-kind sparkle that we associate with the mysterious world of the stars, Eclipse explores a new universe of unprecedented sophistication.