A new year has begun and as always February and March are packed with previews of the new collections – in the world of fashion and accessories – revealing the styles and trends, the new cult garments and must-have items that all us fashion addicts just can’t wait to go out and buy.

This SS 2017, however, Stroili has decided to promote a mood that is becoming more and more popular in style circles: this mood sees your look and choice of accessories as an amplification of your feelings and moods. So we choose jewellery not just because we like how it looks, but because it reflects how we feel and reveals something about us. A small chunk of our inner soul that we willingly choose to share with others.

This idea is at the heart of Stroili’s new 2017 campaign, featuring the masterly direction and photography of Giampaolo Sgura. In the campaign, Stroili jewellery becomes the very essence of our feelings, a precious substance that symbolises shared affections and that should be chosen and given with great care.

The Stroili collections reflect the subtle undertones of universal feelings which are clearly portrayed by the intensity of the images immortalised by Sgura.

The bond between two women grows in the Jolie and Muse collections: their intimacy is highlighted by studs which are the backdrop for their boho chic-style friendship. Then there is another friendship, this time a fresh, new friendship between two young girls who, together, cultivate a bond which is destined to last, sealed by the Millennials Collection.

These bonds grow stronger as the friends attend glamorous nights out and cocktail parties wearing jewellery from the Magnetic and Eclipse collections. There they meet their soul mates, modern men who hide their inner soul behind a simple yet glamorous style, wearing the Man Code collection. Intimacy is also the protagonist of the shots that portray time, time shared by both men and women, as they lose track of the minutes that pass even though they are wearing timepieces from the Watch Collection.
And yet more intimacy is portrayed in that passionate, unique and once-in-a-lifetime gesture when a man declares his love and asks for a woman’s hand in marriage with a solitaire from the Diamazing diamond collections. This bond is strengthened and represented by an everlasting symbol that is found in all cultures: the wedding ring. Here Stroili presents wedding rings whose interwoven design is both traditional yet modern thanks to the combination of colours - rose gold and white gold.

And, last but not least, the indissoluble intimacy between mother and daughter is the subject of Love Beats, the gorgeous modular bracelet in a new version that is the same for both Mum and daughter.
Backstage the figure of the photographer Giampaolo Sgura emerges as he hunts down emotions. In his portraits, he skilfully captures the intimacy of the protagonists’ expressions and the tenderness of their actions which are amplified by close-ups details of the jewellery, in an ideal interweaving of touching and embraces.