Ever more precious and coveted, the Diamazing collection sees the addition of new, exquisite models, wonderful as an unforgettable Christmas gift. Elegant, natural and timeless: the Diamazing pieces of jewellery all have that unmistakeable line which preserves the authentic essence of the diamond yet with a twist that bears the hallmark of Stroili.

New shapes embellished with diamonds are ready to fulfil the desires and emotions of whoever wears them and, in fact, the most precious of stones takes on the iconic style of the solitaire, love token par excellence, with the diamond in the centre which sparkles like a thousand passionate flames.
They are details which make all the difference: from the classic version (Valentino) to the model surrounded by small diamonds and the open models which encircle the finger and seem to open and close to the world with their precious embrace (Contrariè and Fantasia) and then an unusual Triology with its brilliant pavé setting. Special sets have also been created with sensual chokers – Croce and Trilogy – matched with earrings in the same style for truly sparkling luxury.
Everyone knows there is nothing better than a diamond to get straight to the heart of a lady, especially the diamonds that adorn Stroili jewellery, because each stone has more brilliance thanks to an exclusive patent. As a result of time-consuming research and development on the settings and the design, Diamazing in fact enhances the brilliance of these jewels with a revolutionary style. The outcome is a mixture of innovation applied to the classical canons of eternal, timeless jewels, while respecting the symbolism and significance that by tradition accompany them and at the same time giving them a contemporary appeal.
An extra reason to make the dream come true of giving someone, or yourself, a gift of the most precious of stones in the most special and magical moment of the year.