The Millennials Collection unveils the determined, feisty femininity of millennium girls, combining poetry and rock in a marriage that rewrites the rulebook.

They are chalk and cheese, a gentle romantic side clashing with a dark strong soul, black and white, yet they are united in a harmonious symphony.

In the Millennials Collection yin and yang, the existence and future of the world, are translated by Stroili into black and white jewellery in 925 silver and crystals. The collection takes its inspiration from Millennial Girls, young dynamic women, whose drive is almost insatiable, tireless travellers, just a click away from the whole world. Two colours feature in the collection: crystals on a white base with rhodium-finished silver, and hematite crystals on a black base with gold and pink gold finish silver.

Two shapes, one gentle and circular, the other more geometrical and diamond-shaped, are thrown together in a perfect mash-up to give us a collection with a strong, gutsy identity, a real must-have.
Teamwork abounds: dainty studs with clean, crisp lines pair up with light, sensual, provocative pendants; the symphonic creations are rounded off with long necklaces for a collection which conveys sophistication and elegance.
Harmony is achieved through coincidence and experimentation, a balancing act between classic and contemporary: retro and modern flirt and have a fling, resetting the boundaries of a formal yet daring collection, a combination that is so millennial.
The day rolls into night then dawn comes, as extremes perpetually attract their opposites: light and dark, sky and earth, men and women search each other out, are attracted to each other and come together, driven by desire that creates beauty.