What is love? How do you show it?
We have asked the experts and their reply is moving…

What is love?
It is perhaps one of the simplest of questions yet one of the most difficult to answer. We have therefore put it to those who more than anyone will give a sincere and spontaneous answer: children.

That’s the start of Little Big Love - the St. Valentine’s project that recreates a world of tenderness, where it’s the children who teach the adults. The answer emerges from the words of Ricardo, Gaia, Lavinia, Cristian and Greta, the five children who Stroili chose to talk about the greatest and deepest of sentiments. “Little” refers to the love as seen by the children, “Big” speaks to the hearts of adults, “Love” speaks of that sentiment made up of small and big gestures. Love has no reason, love is the reason. The children explain it to us in the video, telling us what for them is big and what is little before arriving at the most difficult and meaningful question: “is love big or small?”. “Love is big because there’s room for everyone, like in a home”.

The focal point for the path of love, which started on 14 January and will finish on 14 February, can be found on the web page www.littlebiglove.it. Apart from being able to watch the video there, it is also interactive so that you can share words and images that for you express the meaning of love. Because love also and primarily implies sharing. Sharing that also embraces social media with the hashtag #littlebiglove.