The hypnotic, romantic and occasionally irreverent charm of Paris immediately puts us in a festive mood. It is that special time of the year when, as night falls, the capital turns into the famous City of Lights, the city that never goes out, and we are left to admire, breathless.

The Paris collection has been designed to capture the sparkling essence of the city in the endless brilliance of its jewellery. Radiant threads magically intertwine and merge into lines and curves, whose sparkling effect evokes the twinkling lights made even more atmospheric by the Christmas decorations: a “brilliance within the brilliance” that conveys a shiny allure.
The multi-faceted and versatile personality of Paris comes to life in the shapes of the Paris Christmas Collection: the French spirit par excellence features in the three-dimensional circles; the alternating concentric threads in rounded gilded metal twist and turn on different levels in a sensual dance that exalts femininity. Light, that gives the city its myriad nuances, is captured by the surfaces of the necklaces, bracelets and pendants which become a “coup de coeur” you cannot resist.
The microcasting of the precious stones and the manual enamelling are très chic, for a magical Christmas collection.