This Christmas the Moonlight collection is studded with stars, just like the mystical night when all wishes can come true. This enchanting and charming collection shimmers with dazzling brilliance, giving you that extra sparkle at the most magical parties of the year.

In this special capsule collection, star light comes to life, creating harmonious lines and geometrical inlay work, while a raised motif decorated with crystals alternates with flat, matte surfaces.
A cascade of stars settles on bracelets, necklaces and earrings like pure glistening snow, creating a sophisticated shiny and matte effect. The design is delicate and appears to almost float on the air, inviting us to dive into the embrace of the magical heavens, and the exquisite volumes verge on the infinite.
The iconic symbol of the Moonlight collection, the celestial body with its fascinating and mysterious aura, is now joined by its sparkling sisters to create an exquisite heaven we can wear.
Thanks to the Moonlight Christmas Collection, the stars give up their mystery and shine with grace and elegance for a truly feminine, stellular Christmas.