The modular Love Beats bracelet is back with a new mini version

Little women grow look and act like their Mums!
Everyone can remember the thrill of dressing up in their mother’s shoes and clothes, trying on her make-up and wearing her jewellery, to then strut in front of the mirror or play at being “grown-ups” with their friends.

Your Mum is always the best Mum in the world, a model to aspire to, the object of your unwavering admiration, an icon, a dream for the future.

This is the dream Stroili has realised (on a smaller scale) with its latest arrival for 2017, the mini version of the woman’s best-loved bracelet. The Love Beats modular bracelet has as many charms as we have heart beats, and is designed to celebrate, remember, accompany our little girls as they grow up and forge an even stronger – and more tangible – bond with their Mums. The Little Beats charm collection has been specially created for little girls: mini symbols (like the double heart, lucky ladybird, bee, butterflies and daisy) for maxi feelings, that will accompany them in their moments of joy. And, as an extra treat, some of the charms in the adult collection can be adapted to Love Beats Baby.

Stroili has not forgotten Mums though, who can let their imaginations run riot with the new charm collections. There is Message Beats, with its special messages from the heart, Magic Beats, with magical symbols from the best-loved fairy tales that will take them to a dream world, and Mom Beats to celebrate the birth of a child (and a new Mum). Because Love Beats make our everyday emotions and joys extra special and everlasting: jewellery that comes from the heart, with the heart, because it is a true demonstration of love.

These charms are memorable moments for mother and daughter to seal their special relationship with exquisite, symbolic messages in 925 rhodium or pink gold finish silver. Truly meaningful charms whose dazzle and brilliance are guaranteed to put you under their spell, just as love unites all the hearts in a family.

Mini-me, mini-Love Beats with charms for every occasion: to celebrate a special occasion, make a wish, remember a love…charms that help little girls start to build their own special story. Because Love Beats make our everyday emotions and joys extra special and everlasting.

Pint-size princesses and super Mums, get ready to choose the Love Beats that you can both share!