The muses of ancient times, the inspiration for Stroili’s sensual collection par excellence, adorn themselves with Christmas charm for the latest chapter in the story written by gorgeous, stylish jewellery: the Muse Christmas Collection by Stroili.

The story has its roots in mythology but is brought right up-to-date to pay tribute to women, unique and genuinely timeless muses, guardians of beauty and poetry, and the inspiration behind a truly alluring jewellery collection where lacework merges with sparkling diamond-studded threads.
The dazzling and captivating thread winds itself into the characteristic spiral motif, whose brilliance has a “divine” allure. Crafted in gilded metal, the jewellery in the Muse Christmas Collection is versatile and dramatic, with maxi cuffs that give wrists a sexy touch. No Christmas should be without its fair share of glamour, so the Stroili muses have chosen necklaces with medallions modelled on ancient jewels, matching them with drop earrings decorated with sophisticated inlay work.
The jewellery – with shapes that stand the test of time – captures the natural elegance of the goddesses, with arabesques, embroidery details and ethereal flowing wefts, creating sparkling masterpieces that bestow exceptional beauty on whoever wears them, just like real “festive muses”.