Mai senza. Cham in argento 925 bicolore e glitter 1651847
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Love Beats
Nevwe without. Charm in two tone 925 silver with glitter SKU 1651847
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In life some moments deserve a fantastic soundtrack: graduation, the birth of your little brother, the highest step of the podium. 
Beat the time of your happiness. The Love Beats Collection is made of 925 silver and it's an elegant gift with endless variations of personalization that can amaze and excite who receives it. Made in Italy, finished handmade by Stroili goldsmith craftsmen, a love beats bracelet tells you about your story. Every moment, every detail, every important goal is a beat that shines on the wrist of people you love, starting from you.
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SKU: 1651847
Line: Other components
Material: Silver 925
Size: Size approx. 2 cm
Occasion: Free Time
Tipologia Prodotto: Jewel