Anello margherita in ottone rosato e glitter 1627605
Pink gold brass heart ring with glitter
It's a lovely dream of love and harmony that inspires the creations of the new collection Jolie. Très jolie, très Stroili: a thoroughly graceful line, where the delicacy takes the forms, reinterpreted, of the heart, of the butterfly and of the daisy, universal symbols of spring and love, in romantic and gentle jewels. Essential design matched with exclusive workmanship combine the simplicity of the lines and purity of materials, creating whispered elegance bijoux. The nuances of rose gold or gold, enriched by a decorative lace effect drawing a new feminine from the lines at the same time delicate and contemporary. It’s born the new iconic collection Stroili able to follow the endless shades of the soul of every woman.
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SKU: 1627605
Material: Bijoux
Size: Adjustable
Occasion: Special occasions
Marchio: Stroili


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