Girocollo in bronzo bicolore 1651154
Girocollo in bronzo bicolore 1651154 Girocollo in bronzo bicolore
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Two-tone bronze necklace SKU 1651154
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YOU COULD BE MY ... MUSE! A collection that takes as its inspiration the iconic Silver Lace Collection, launched by Stroili in 2011 and an ancient recall to an inspiration in which love and beauty guide the artist, as a journey, back in time in search of the Muse able to give life to a masterpiece. A personification that finds its noble origins in Ancient Greece, the kingdom of the muses, and that today leads the creativity of designers Stroili and infuses a "je ne sais quoi" to a jewelry collection in which the plot of the lace meets the light of diamond through precious workmanships and strong character, drawing bright motives.  An heritage style that explodes in this inspiring collection of exotic opulence reminiscent of jewelry worn from the goddesses of ancient centuries. Bijoux for muses with strong character and cosmopolitan allure. ...
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SKU: 1651154
Material: Bijoux
Size: Length 85 + 5 cm