Anello in argento 925 rosato e cristalli hematite C1628396
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Ring in in rosé 925 silver and hematite crystals SKU C1628396
Millennials Collection depicts the decisive and militant femininity typical of "Girls of the millennium" by a meeting between poetry and rock that breaks the schema. Yin and Yang, the being of the world and its becoming, put into effect in black and white or in shades from gaudy colors to create the Millennials Collection in silver 925 and crystals signed Stroili. A collection that is inspired, in fact, by the Millennial Girls, dynamic young women, almost unattainables, female travelers tireless, always connected with the world through a single click. A dialogue between opposites where the romantic and sweet side is in contrast with the dark and strong soul, white and black, united in a harmonious symphony.
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SKU: C1628396
Material: Silver 925 and crystals
Features: Cristalli hematite
Occasion: Degree



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