Anello in argento 925 rodiato C1654664
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Silver Soul
Ring in 925 silver SKU C1654664
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IS THERE A CONNECTION BETWEEN “SPIRITUAL” JEWELLERY AND FASHION? OF COURSE THERE IS, IF STROILI’S DOING IT. SHOW YOUR SILVER SOUL! Made of 925‰ silver and zircons, it is the perfect gift for important occasions like Holy Communion, confirmations and christenings. This jewellery is designed to accompany a person’s spiritual journey, but can also be worn every day thanks to its minimal, chic design. The Silver Soul collection is the best way of showing your faith, with a token you can keep with you at all times.But Stroili wouldn’t be Stroili if it weren’t also ultra-fashionable, so Silver Soul is also ideal for more “profane” and fashion-conscious souls. The first designers to showcase religious icons on the runway were Dolce&Gabbana and before them, Madonna was a hit with her scandals and religious jewellery in the ‘80s.This summer, Silver Soul represents the ultimate glamorous accessory to show off with your outfits. Its silver hues look great with plunging necklines and a tan. An essential item if you want to pull off the vintage look, a definite nod to the 80s and 90s. Want to be hot all summer long? Don’t be without it. ...
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SKU: C1654664
Material: Silver 925
Tipologia Prodotto: Jewel