Orecchini in ottone rodiato e glitter 1650959
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Rhodium finish brass earrings with glitter SKU 1650959
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To the moon and back. Moonlight is the new collection by Stroili that is guaranteed to bewitch and captivate you with the mysterious pull of the moon. Its presence has inspired this jewellery, amplifying its essence and its ancient cherished character. Its moonlike shine is enhanced by the harmonious blend of lines and shapes which initially appear in contrast but which actually create new geometries with their raised motif interspersed with shiny surfaces.The chiaroscuro effects create dynamic movement which catches your eye and takes your breath away, for jewellery whose alternating shiny and matte effect only goes to underline its sophisticated spirit. The result is a light, almost floating design, faithfully capturing our idea of the moon. ...
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SKU: 1650959
Material: Bijoux
Size: Length 4.3 cm