Orecchini in ottone rodiato e glitter 1650941
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Rhodium finish brass earrings with glitter SKU 1650941
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Intertwining sparkling threads merge crisp lines with soft curves, for jewellery that elegantly accentuates female sensuality. The collection conceals and magnifies the magical atmosphere of the thousand lights of the city, its very inspiration, with its shapes and most intimate essence: et voilà Paris by Stroili. The French capital is a melting pot, a multi-faceted mosaic, and this is conveyed by styles and motifs which capture its personality and soul – its light, elegance, chic appeal and fashion – and opposing elements whose common ground is the complexity and contrasts of the City of Lights.The concentric, two-way design reveals and magnifies the light, the real protagonist of the many aspects of urban life, and essential minimalism blends with rounded sensuality to create jewellery with a captivating, eye-catching design which communicates in a sensual dance, a tribute to typical Parisian femininity. ...
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SKU: 1650941
Material: Bijoux
Size: Length 5 cm