A dedicated team is always on hand to help you out and answer your queries. You may contact us from Monday to Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, and on Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on the freephone number 800.63.73.00 or by filling in the contact form.

The form is divided into subjects. Just choose the one you are interested in from the drop-down menu to speed up your request.



In this section you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our E-SHOP: orders, shipments, purchases, deliveries, registration to the website and all the online services Stroili offers. If you need further assistance, remember you can always contact our online shop Customer Service.

Please remember that the STROILI E-SHOP team can only answer queries regarding purchases made or future purchases to be made on the website or problems encountered when registering your account.



Do I have to create an account to place an order?

No, you may place an order as a guest. If you think you will become a regular buyer at the STROILI E-SHOP, we recommend you create your own account so you can take advantage of benefits such as speeding up the purchase process, having access to your order chronology, saving your personal data and creating your wish list.


How do you create the account?

It takes just three simple steps to create your account:

  1. 1.   Click on MY ACCOUNT and select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.
  2. 2.   Fill in the FORM with the required information and press SUBMIT.
  3. 3.   Check your E-MAIL for an e-mail confirming registration.


I already have an account, how can I access it?

To access your account, click on My Account and write the e-mail address and password you chose when creating the account.


I can’t access my account. What should I do?

If you can’t manage to access your account, follow these instructions:

  • Check that the e-mail address and password you are using are the same as the ones you chose when you registered.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the link "forgotten password" and enter your e-mail address. You will immediately receive an e-mail to create a new password.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the link "forgotten password" and enter your e-mail address. You will immediately receive an e-mail to create a new password.

If you still can’t access your account, please contact our online shop Customer Service using the contact form.


I haven’t received the registration confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

It could be that you have typed in the e-mail address incorrectly and the confirmation e-mail cannot therefore be delivered to you. Please try registering again or write to us using the contact form.

How do I delete my account with the STROILI E-SHOP?

Sorry, but you can’t delete your account on your own.

To do so, please contact our Customer Service from Monday to Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and on Friday 9:00 am -  1:00 pm on the freephone number 800.63.73.00 or through the contact form.

Always remember to indicate the e-mail address you provided when you registered your account so we can verify that it is a real request.

Must I log in before or after I have created my shopping trolley?

You can log in at any time.


Which information is important for delivery?

To receive placed orders you must give your name and the delivery and billing addresses.  

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Company
  • State/Region
  • Town/City
  • Delivery address
  • Post code
  • Telephone number
  • Tax Identification Code and VAT no.




How can I find the product I am looking for?

Go to the home page where you have a number of options:

  • search by product type;
  • search by gift idea;
  • use the search filters;
  • enter one or more words related to your search in the "Search"  box and a list of products related to the word(s) will appear;
  • enter the code of the product you are searching for in the search bar.

How do I purchase the product I have viewed?

First of all click on the product you are interested in or on the “learn more” tab.
This will take you to the data sheet of the item of jewellery/watch you have chosen so you can consult all the product details.  To place an order, click on 'Add to the Shopping Bag'.

Is the price of the products inclusive of VAT?

Yes, VAT is already included in the displayed price.


How can I view the product data sheet?

Just click on the “Learn more” button to discover all the features of the product you have selected.


How do I add a product to the shopping trolley?

To add a product to the shopping trolley, just click on “Add to the Shopping Bag” and the product will automatically be displayed in your trolley.


If I add a product to the trolley, do I have to purchase it?

No! In no way is adding a product to the trolley binding, even if you have signed in with your personal account. If you want to see what is in your trolley, just click on “Shopping Bag” and you will see all the products you have added.


How do I delete a product from my trolley?

To delete one or more products you have selected from your trolley, just click on the bin icon to the side of the picture of the product. Remember that you can leave the products in the trolley without any obligation to buy.


I can’t find a Stroili jewel that I have seen in an advert, a magazine, a jeweller’s or elsewhere. How can I purchase it?

If you cannot see something on the website, it means it is unavailable at this time for online purchase. Look for it at your nearest Stroili store, which you can find by visiting our store locator or by e-mailing us using the <contact form. We will help you look for it and, if it is available, we will insert the product in the online store.


Why is the size or colour of the metal or stone different to the image on the website?

The images of the products on our website are as close to the actual products as possible. The unique feature of Stroili jewellery is that is handcrafted or made using natural colours, so details such as the exact shade of the stone or metal may vary slightly.

Some products may appear slightly larger or smaller than the real size. We recommend you consult the product data sheet where you will find the exact measurements of every item.
For more information, please contact us by filling in the contact form.



The 'promo code' is a discount code you can use for special promotions reserved just for you. You will receive your promo code in our Newsletter or by SMS when there are special events, occasions or festivities. If you already have a promo code, just enter it in the relevant field which you will find in the shopping trolley of your order. The discount will be calculated on the total amount of your order and automatically displayed. Promo codes cannot be accumulated and you can only use one promo code at a time.

To receive your promo codes and the latest news about all the promotions where you can use your exclusive discounts, sign up to our Newsletter.




Which payment methods are allowed?

The STROILI E-SHOP accepts the following payment methods:

  • Paypal.
  • Bank transfer for payments over € 100.


Are purchases secure on STROILIORO.COM?

Of course! All payments made on our website are encrypted and secure. Your browser will inform you of this protection by displaying the locked padlock icon on the status bar.


Can I have an invoice?

Yes, of course! Remember to insert the billing information into My Account. A confirmation e-mail is sent for all online sales and you will find a purchase document inside the order which is not a tax invoice.

If you need an invoice, fill in the contact form, specifying the reference order number, who the invoice has to be made out to and your VAT number if you are a business and your tax identification code if you are a private individual. We will then send you an invoice by e-mail.


What happens to my order if I purchase an item which is no longer available?

Occasionally some items may not be available, even after you have placed your order. If that happens, the STROILI E-SHOP reserves the right to cancel your order and refund you the amount paid to your credit card or your bank account, if you paid by bank transfer.

See Terms and Conditions of Sale.



How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

The order is processed within 48-72 working hours of payment being completed and is delivered on working days only (in other words not on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in general) in 24-48 hours for Northern, Central and Southern Italy, except Calabria, and in 48-72 hours for Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

Visit the TNT website to check delivery times in your area

During the Christmas holidays (from 15 December to 8 January) and the two middle weeks of August, it may take slightly longer to process orders.


Guide to Delivery Charges 




€ 7.90

FREE OF CHARGE for orders over € 60

Up to € 15 *   - see table below

FREE OF CHARGE for orders over € 100


Free of charge for orders over € 60 

€ 7.90 if item is returned unwanted

or for items/orders below € 60

Up to € 15 ** see below


** Table of individual delivery charges



Delivery times

Delivery charges

Free shipping


1-3 working days

7.90 €

from 60 €


1-2 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-2 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-3 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-2 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-2 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-2 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €

United Kingdom

1-3 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-3 working days

10.00 €

from 100 €


1-3 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-6 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-3 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €

Czech Republic

1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-5 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-3 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


2-7 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


2-5 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-4 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


1-5 working days

15.00 €

from 100 €


How can I check on my order/delivery status?

Once you have completed the purchase process, our logistics team will process your order. You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number of your package which will be delivered by the courier TNT.

To monitor the progress of your shipment, insert the tracking number on the courier’s website at the following link:

  • If you have purchased a product online using My Account, go to Record of my orders in your area to check on the status of your order. Select Delivery and click on the tracking number to view the TNT tracking page to check your delivery on the courier’s website at the following link

If you didn’t register before you made an online purchase, don’t worry, you will receive an e-mail update. Remember, if you need assistance, you can always contact our Customer Service on the freephone number or by filling in the contact form.


The tracking number does not work.

If you are trying to view your order status and the tracking shows no delivery, it means that the goods have not yet been dispatched. A few hours can pass between our tracking delivery code notification to you and our package becoming visible in the courier’s systems.


If the courier has called and not found me in, what should I do to retrieve my package?

If our TNT courier doesn’t find anyone at the specified delivery address, they leave an “advice note”: a card with the necessary information for you to contact them and arrange redelivery or to arrange to collect your package directly from the local TNT depot where it is being held. Stroili always gives the courier your telephone number.

Please contact the courier within 24 hours after their first attempt at delivery. If you don’t, your package will be forwarded to our logistics centre and the delivery charges for redelivering your goods to your address will have to be paid by you.


Can I receive my purchase at an address other than the billing address?

Of course! You may ask for the order to be sent to you at a particular address while specifying a different billing address.  


Can I receive my purchase at an address that is not my home (e.g. at work)?

No problem! Just fill in the “delivery address” with the details of the place where you want to receive the order. To make life easier for you, we have also arranged for delivery at all TNT Points in Italy. You can find the nearest one to you here:




How will my STROILI jewellery be wrapped?

All jewellery and watches are sent in exclusive STROILI gift packaging with a gift bag.


My purchase is a gift, can I send my order directly to the person it is for with a card?

Of course! Just enter all the details of the addressee in the delivery address and your details in the billing address. When you make your purchase, you can request a card where you can write a message of up to 500 characters, by clicking on the " personalise your gift” button. Unfortunately, if an order is sent from a shop, we cannot guarantee the card will be included but we will contact you to let you know.




I would like to purchase a ring but don’t know the correct size. What should I do?

Click here to download the pdf file.
This document will help you compare the size of a ring you already have, so you can find the correct size to order in the drop-down menu on the product data sheet. Please contact our Customer Service if you have any doubts.


What size are the rings on the website available in?

As a general rule, rings are immediately available in sizes 12-14-16.

If you require a size other than those indicated, and if the model can be adjusted accordingly, rings can be sized or ordered with delivery times which go from 30 to 90 days depending on the item.

Remember that you cannot return rings which have been specially sized or ordered in a non-standard size if you change your mind (you no longer like the item).



Why not make your piece of jewellery unique and special by engraving a date or dedication? Remember, though, that not all jewellery can be personalised. For more information, you can contact us from Monday to Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, and on Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on the freephone number 800.63.73.00 or by filling in the contact form.

Engraving is always free of charge for online purchases. You cannot return items of jewellery which have been engraved if you change your mind (you no longer like the item). If you can’t make up your mind whether to request online engraving, purchase the product and then go to one of our stores at a later date. In this case the engraving will be free of charge for up to one month from the date of purchase, but only if you present a copy of the order to our sales staff.

We need the following information to check whether your item of jewellery can be engraved:

  • Product code of the item to be personalised.
  • Message to engrave (the longer it is, the smaller and less visible it will be)
  • Whether you want it in upper or lowercase.
  • In italics or not.
  • Where you want the engraving

This information is necessary for us to be able to check whether your item of jewellery can be engraved. To request engraving, please fill in the contact form.




Right to withdraw

You are entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 10 days from when you, or a third party appointed by you, received the product. If you have purchased several products on a single order which have been delivered separately, the date on which you received the last product shall be considered. The delivery date indicated by TNT on the form which is signed when the goods are delivered shall be binding.

To exercise your right to withdraw, you shall notify Stroili Oro S.p.A of your decision by sending a clear statement on the returns form you will find at this link.


Can I return an online purchase?

If you want to, you can return your purchase, with no extra expense, within 10 working days from the date you received the products purchased online. See “How can I return or exchange a product ordered online?” for details of the methods to be used for the return. Remember that the delivery charges will be at your expense for order below € 60 (for abroad, see the table with the delivery charges) and you are also liable in the event of loss of or damage to the products, which must not have been worn or used and must have the seals still intact and applied.


Can I return or replace an item at a store?

Stroili stores or retailers in Italy and abroad are not authorised to accept returns or exchanges. Products purchased online can only be returned following the correct procedure and by filling in the dedicated form.


I have received my order but I don’t like the item I have bought. How do I go about replacing the goods or requesting a refund for the amount paid?

We do not replace one product with another. Once you have purchased an item, it cannot be replaced with another. We can give you a refund for the amount you paid and you can also choose a new item by placing a new order.

Remember that if you are returning the product because you have changed your mind, the delivery charges will be at your expense and you are also liable in the event of loss or damage of the products, which must not have been worn or used and must have the seals still intact and applied.


I have received my order but it is defective. How do I go about replacing the goods or requesting a refund for the amount paid?

Defective products must be returned by filling in the dedicated form click here.

Stroili reserves the right to check the defect and, once it has been verified, you may proceed as follows:

-       Request a replacement product

-       Request a refund for the amount paid (Stroili will refund you the price you paid for the item as well as any delivery charges you may have incurred).

If the item is defective (manufacturing defects covered by the warranty - click here), Stroili will cover the charges for returning it.

How can I return or exchange a product ordered online?

To return an order made on the website you must simply do as instructed below:

  1. 1.     Send an e-mail using this dedicated form_click here, indicating the order number you received by e-mail which is also inside the package (indispensible for managing the return) and the reason for the return. If possible also give a telephone number and the hours when you prefer to be contacted.
  1. 2.     We will send you a pdf file via e-mail which you should print and apply to the package. You will also find on this form the telephone number for TNT to arrange for the courier to come and collect your package.
  1. 3.     Prepare the package if possible using the original packaging and include the item of jewellery, the packaging and a copy of the purchase document. Make sure you apply the form that you have received via e-mail to the package.
  1. 4.     Send the package to “Stroili S.p.A. – Viale Valli di Carnia, 5 – 33020 Amaro (UD)”.

    Remember you have 10 working days to notify Stroili that you would like to return your purchase.


I have lost the instruction booklet for my watch. What can I do to have another one?

If you have lost your instruction booklet, you can easily download it by clicking on the name of the collection:


When is the return accepted?

Your return will be accepted within 48 hours from receiving the goods at our warehouse. You will receive e-mail notification that the return has been accepted. In rare cases you will be contacted for more information.


How long will a refund take?

Your refund will be issued within 24 hours after acceptance of the return. The technical times for the amount to show on your credit card or PayPal account depend on the banking system.

If you paid for the product by prepaid card or bank transfer, the refund will be credited to the card or bank account the amount was originally taken from.



What should I know about product warranty?

Jewellery and watches are covered against manufacturing defects by a TWO-YEAR warranty from the date of delivery. The warranty is the purchase document of the actual product.


What is not covered by the warranty?

Under no circumstances are the following covered by the warranty:  batteries, glass, discolouring/fading of the plating or colour (especially due to the use of scents or detergents), normal wear and tear of the watch or jewellery. Work under warranty must be carried out by Stroili Oro. Any tampering with the product by persons not authorised by Stroili will render the warranty invalid.

The same applies to the replacement of batteries, for which Stroili Oro will issue customers certificates of the water-resistance test carried out for these kinds of watches. Lastly the warranty does not cover any damage or breakage caused by accidental impact, especially if case parts are missing such as the crown or the buttons.


Is repair under warranty free of charge?



I made my purchase on-line and must send the product for service, what should I do?

For online purchases, please contact our dedicated Stroili E-SHOP assistance only. Fill in the dedicated form by clicking here, choose the type of assistance you require from the drop-down menu and you will receive all the relevant information. Remember that you must attach the purchase document to the product you send for service as this is the warranty.


My warranty has expired. Can I receive service all the same?

Of course! Stroili will send you an estimate of the cost at your request.