A story

That leaves the mark

Stroili: a brand leader in fine Italian jewellery. Stroili was established in 1996, thanks to the innovative idea of making the jewellery world accessible to anyone wanting unique, one-of-a-kind products, while offering consistently luxurious, beautiful and exquisitely crafted jewels and investing in research and design.

This project has developed into a network of retail stores owned by the brand itself, which enables it to maintain a short supply chain and build a direct relationship with the end customer. Over the years, the quality-price guarantee, together with the superior design of the jewellery, have become the cornerstones of the Stroili brand and its new and highly original concept.

Stroili’s vision is a vision of luxury and elegance that everyone can aspire to. Its products have a strong, distinctive creative identity that is always on-trend, without ever abandoning the artisan craftsmanship which is so firmly rooted in its DNA.

Thanks to this winning philosophy, today Stroili is considered a benchmark in the jewellery business. It was also the first brand to open its doors and welcome consumers to a new world of democratic jewellery.

Stroili is undisputedly the brand that has revolutionised the concept of jewellery, successfully combining style and manufacturing know-how with the great, renowned Italian tradition, introducing a fresh, new, contemporary approach.



The Stroili philosophy is unique, the only one of its kind, combining harmonious cutting-edge shapes with traditional forms, refined minimalism with highly sophisticated savoir-faire, elegance with naturalness. And this is achieved while still guaranteeing an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

The Stroili universe features a number of collections which while being different, complement each other, giving customers looking for exclusive jewellery a wide selection of unique and fashionable models.

The collections include gold and silver jewellery with highly distinctive details, as well as watches and ultra glamorous jewels, culminating in diamond collections with superior quality and design.

Stroili invests continuously in research and design so it is able to deliver creations which cater to everyone’s tastes.

Attention to detail is a key feature of all the collections. The ability to craft jewellery drawing on the renowned skill of Italian goldsmiths, together with high quality at affordable prices, are also important key assets.

The collections, designed for a wide and diverse public, satisfy the styles and tastes of all their customers. For jewellery you long to give and receive.



Stroili is one of the leading jewellery brands in Italy. The network currently includes over 380 jewellery shops owned by the Group and run directly from its headquarters in Friuli; it has more than 1,800 employees and over 1,000 authorised retailers throughout Italy.

The Franco Gioielli jewellery chain also belongs to the Group.

Thanks to a clever intuition, the Group’s jewellery stores are located in the top shopping malls and old town centres in the most important towns and cities in Italy, giving the brand a widespread presence throughout the country. Over time this strategy has paid off, as Stroili has become the leader in the jewellery segment.

Stroili’s leadership status is endorsed by its distinctive concept stores which, thanks to their elegant and modern style, make an impact wherever they are located. They are the perfect showcase for the beauty and unique appeal of every Stroili creation.

The windows are brightly lit, the interiors are welcoming and the displays are clearly and logically arranged, making them accessible to all the visitors. There is clever use of contrasting colours with lights, shadows and reflections and the surfaces are further enhanced by the shiny gold finishes which reflect the brand’s logo. The walls are dotted with sophisticated touches of bright fuchsia and elegant frames convey the feeling of movement, showcasing all the pictures and concepts of the Stroili world.

This unique environment has a glamorous and vibrant appeal and promises an unforgettable and unparalleled shopping experience for all its customers.



Another fundamental and decisive element which Stroili has perfected is communication.

Ever since its establishment, the brand has produced important, successful multimedia and cross channel campaigns, involving highly acclaimed fashion photographers and directors. The resounding success of these campaigns is also due to the special ambassadors who are carefully chosen to become the face of Stroili, helping associate the brand with the image of a woman who is exceptionally beautiful, fashionable yet, at the same time, close to her public.

Ilary Blasi, Isabeli Fontana, Ariadne Artiles, Matilda Lutz, Jennifer Missoni and Iris Cekus are just some of the famous faces of Stroili. The mission was clear, simple and innovative: make luxury accessible to all those looking for unique jewellery and promote the glamorous, exquisite and eye-catching qualities of the collections.

2016 heralded yet another success for the brand: Stroili decided to convey its mission through emotions. Love, friendship, a special occasion, a success, a dream come true, a secret to keep safe: life is full of priceless, one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable moments.
Stroili creates elegant, charming jewellery for women to remember these moments or celebrate them every day, jewellery which is able to express their style and convey their feelings. Sophisticated creations that make the most important moments of their lives memorable, becoming a demonstration of love, a special thought, a token that will be imprinted on their most precious memories, just like the jewellery they are wearing.